We strive to be fair & objective in our pricing.

We also offer an
obligation-free assessment
of any instrument you may care to show us and
guarantee to meet or exceed your expectations
with regard to workmanship, value and appropriate

Every instrument can be improved or modified
for greater performance - Our challenge is to
deliver your solution at a price befitting your aspirations.

The list below merely outlines a selection of the
services we offer at Guitar Rescue..

call us on
(07) 3855-9339  to discuss your needs, or drop
by the shop during visiting hours.

Price Guide..

Clean,  re-string & tune: from $29
Adjust string height/action: from $49
Basic set-up & general service: from $79
Pro set-up & full service: from $149
Premium service - full refurbishment: from $199

Fret dress - level, crown & polish: from $120 (plus set-up)
Re-fret: from $399 (includes final dress & pro set-up)

Cut & fit new nut or bridge saddle: from $50 plus materials
Install pickup: from $30

..all services will be performed to an agreed value, so please refer to above prices as guide only!!

Fretwork: re-seating, levelling, crowning, replacement, beveling, polishing..
Set-up: intonation, action, playability, truss rod adjustment & replacement, trem-setting..
Restoration: agreed value refurbishment on all vintage instruments..
Nuts & Saddles: cut, fit & polished bone, TUSQ, polycarbonate, brass, plastique..
Pick-ups: supply, install, re-winds, building..
Electronics: clean, repair, replace, diagnose, modify, supercharge..
Finish: clean, buff, re-finish, laquer, shellac, poly-urethane, chip repair..
Structural repair: bridge work, cracks, bracing, geometric correction/neck re-set, hydration, bridge plate & binding repair..
Headstock: crack/break repair, install tuning machines, re-finish..
Fretboard: removal, replacement, radial correction, remove pitting, replace inlay, re-fret, binding..
Resophonic: cone upgrades, well seating, set-up & dial in..
Amplification: transucer & pre-amp install, valves, bias adjustment & socket service on tube amps only..
Other: strap-locks, string trees, custom pick-guards, routing, shielding, parts fabrication..

.. the list goes on, and we're only a phone call away - so feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!!